BP, Sugar, and Thyroid, all are very dangerous diseases. So please concern your doctor first regarding food. Because all these diseases mostly belong to tension, depression, and restlessness. So whatever to eat will not work. for BP, Sugar, and Thyroid. My opinion is that, eat digestible food. Milk sugar is one of the constituents of milk. Glucose, a man-made sugar resembling dextrose, is now largely manufactured by subjecting the starch of corn or potatoes to a chemical change; but it lacks the sweetness of natural sugars, and is by no means a correct substitute for them.

All-natural foods contain elements which in many respect resemble albumen, and are so closely allied thereto that for convenience they’re usually classified under the overall name of” albumen. Casein found in peas, beans, and milk, and therefore the fibrin of flesh, are elements of this class. In case you’re allergic or pregnant then avoid consuming the products made up of these fruits because it’d convince be harmful that’s why rather than taking risks it is better to avoid its consumption.


Veggie fingers is not good diet food. The Composition and nutritive value of vegetables — Exclusive diet of vegetables not desirable — To select vegetables — Poison in potato sprouts — Stale vegetables a cause of illness — Keeping vegetables — To freshen withered vegetables — Storing winter vegetables — Preparation and cooking — to wash vegetables for cooking – Methods of cooking.

> Calories-110

> Protein-2.2 g

> Carbohydrates- 13.3 g

> Dietary fibre- 3.1 g

> Fat- 6 g

> Saturated fat-1.3g

> Sodium-261 mg

> Calories from Fat-47%

> Cholesterol- 7.5 mg

> Sugars- 6.2 g

> Calcium53.2 mg

> Iron – 0.9 mg

> Potassium-199 mg

> Vitamin A- 3161 IU

> Vitamin C -5.6 mg

But Vegetarianism changes the way you look at and think about food. It is a natural and holistic journey that has got to be undertaken for the great health of your body. A well-balanced vegetarian diet i.e. one low in fat and high in fiber is enough to keep the most complicated medical problems at bay like coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and even certain forms of cancer. BARBEQUE PANEER with salad recipe, a bowl full of nutrition’s, and for weight loss. Paneer is filled with Energy, protein’s, carbohydrates, and fats. I love to eat this dish with a salad to intake diet food recipes.


Grilled chicken with potatoes. this is one of the favorite dishes of my younger brother. He always wants me to cook this dish whenever he’s in town.  Chicken breasts may be a great source of lean protein.it helps to take care of muscle mass and to preserve a healthy metabolism. It is also a balanced and healthy diet.


Vegetarians tend to consume more quantities of polyunsaturated fats which are healthy when compared to saturated fats present in all meat products. A typical vegetarian meal is one that includes a balanced proportion of grains, cereals, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and soy products. Since there is so much variety, you get all the nutrients that your body requires from this type of meal. Having a heavy breakfast means double the health benefits.


Fruits are rich in fiber, low in fat, and also rich in most nutrients like minerals and vitamins. You can either take some or two of 1 or two different sorts of fruit.


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