Grilled chicken with potatoes. this is one of the favorite dish of my younger brother. He always wants me to cook this dish whenever he is in town. He can repeatedly eat this dish in breakfast, lunch, dinner, and on and on. He is very health conscious and always wants to eat healthy food.


Chicken breast is a great source of lean helps to maintain muscle mass and to preserve a healthy metabolism. It is also a balanced and healthy diet. One should eat healthy to stay healthy and fit.


250 Gram chicken boneless breast piece

½ tomato

½  onion

1 potato

1 tablespoon  ginger- garlic paste

Salt to taste

Black pepper powder

lemon juice.

Mis herb for seasoning

Fresh coriander leave.

1 tablespoon butter


Cut slices of ½ tomato, ½  onion, 1 potato in round shape. Take the chicken breast and then take a sharp knife cut a pocket in one side of the chicken. I do this by placing one hand on top of the chicken and hold it steady and then using a sharp knife to slice halfway through the breast but stop halfway into the chicken. Spread lemon juice and 1 tablespoon ginger- garlic paste within the chicken on both the side. Sprinkle salt to taste, black pepper, and add slices of ½ tomato, ½  onion cut in round shape within the pocket of your chicken. 

In a non- stick frying pan add 1 tablespoon butter on low flame to heat. Place the chicken on the frying pan and 1 potato slices cut in round size together. Cover the pan and allow it to cook on a low flame roll the chicken and potatoes to the other side. See to it, you don’t burn chicken and potatoes. Once chicken and potatoes are cooked. Remove them on the serving plate and garnish it with the lemon juice, salt to taste if needed, mix herbs seasoning, and Fresh coriander leave.



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