About me:

FOOD & ME.  A big yes, the word brings a big broad smile on my face.  I am a food lover, foodie, great eater, loves cooking, create a new recipe which is healthy and tasty


And I am cooking, one of my special dreams was to eat good and healthy food. I never wanted to cook. I had always seen my mom and father cooking. I am a great eater and grown-up eating good food made by mom. She cooked very well and when she cooked nothing went to the bin or waste everything was used in the kitchen. My dad, he has always been a Sunday chef in my house haha…!

I always had a natural connection to the vision for cooking and health. For me, food means keeping it simple, eating good and nutritious food. I feel one should eat well to look good, it is truly said you are what you eat? Everyone has its own story for food, about what to eat and not? I always feel everyone should eat eat eat and live life like a king. I think food has no boundaries so I keep on creating new recipes with lots of nutrition in it. I feel bad when I see people around me are craving food just to keep their self-fit, do lots of dieting and exercise but eat wrong which ends up with a mess. The only and only guru mantra is a good and nutritious food. Correct eating habits will always make you feel better, younger, active, and energic.

My mom being a typical north Indian house wife and a wonderful mom. She always forced me to understand the magic of spices, its flavour, aroma, taste and etc. how these spices are used in different forms chopped, ground, roasted, whole, fried and as a topping. Thanks to you mom, for teaching me this art and magic.

Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reduce and maintain, a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic disease, reduce high blood pressure, lower high cholesterol, improve your wellbeing, improve your ability of fight off illness, increase the ability of to recover from illness or injury, increase your energy, better mood, improve memory, improve gut health and will sleep well in night. Unhealthy eating habits have contributed to the obesity. I thought about why people should crave for eating just to lose weight and for being fit.

I started creating recipes which was healthy and had perfect number of calories, protein, fibres, fats a human body needs in a day. Started making weekly recipes chart of my client which included drinking plenty of water, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat or fat free milk, protein according to their body needed.

Still remember, my first healthy recipe I made for my husband with veggies, some fruits and paneer, and for my son his first Orio chocolate shake with French fired but yes in my style. My son loved it so much that he stood and applaud for me, he was dancing….!. From that day till now, I have helped so many people to reduce weight, weight gain and stay fit. My health care recipes helped my story to grow more bigger than it was because my clients had faith in me and my cooking. I should thank almighty for all my achievements. Today I have created lost of veg and non veg recipes.

But know its time to make my story box of recipes bigger with the help of this website and to reach out to more people with more recipes.

Today, I have more than 200 clients from every field. Day by day my clients are increasing. I pray to almighty that I can help more people. today I am very happy because my food care recipes have changed my life. Yes because of food care recipes I have so many friends from all the age group, in different field